Centrifugal Screens


Batch Centrifugals are suitable for handling all white and raw sugar massecuites produced in the sugar industry. They are employed for separating crystalline solid / liquid mixtures.

Continuous Centrifugals are used wherever the centrifuged sugar has to be melted or magmatized or to be subsequently processed in the dry state.

Continuous Centrifugal Continuous Centrifugal
Batch Centrifugal Batch Centrifugal
Centrifugal Basket Centrifugal Basket
Centrifugal Screens Centrifugal Screens

Working Screen - Nickel Working Screens (for Continuous), Brass/ Copper Screen with or without lock-lap joint (for Batch)
Middle Screen - Round Hole Liners in Brass/ Copper, Stabbed Liners in Brass or SS, Brass/SS Wiremesh
Backing /Supporting - Dovex Type Wiremesh or Plain Wiremesh in SS/Brass (Continuous/ Batch), Wedge Wire Screens, High Quality Supporting screens- Tubular Bridge (Batch)

Nickel Screens- These are hard chrome plated sheets made from Nickel that is 99.99% pure. These screens are available from slot width 0.04MM to 0.12MM in thickness 0.25MM to 0.35MM. The hardness ranges from 900-1000 Hv. For more details please click

Nickel Working Screen Nickel Working Screen
Nickel Working Screen Nickel Working Screen
Nickel Working Screen Nickel Working Screen

We supply Nickel Screens for all Centrifugal machine makes-

  1. BMA- K850/30, K850/35, K1000/30, K1100/30, K1300/30, K2100/30, K2200/30, K2300/30, K3300/30
  2. WESTERN STATES (WS)- CC4, CC5 (37" X 30), CC6 (1100/30), CC8
  3. BROADBENT- SPV 1220/30, SPV 1425/30, SPV 1100/25
  4. FIVES CAIL- FC 1000/30, FC 1000/34,FC 1250/28, FC 1250/30, FC 1250/34, FC 1550/34, FC 1300/30 (SGFC)
  5. HEIN LEHMANN (HL)- HL-8/30, HL-8/34, HL-9/34, HL-10/30, HL-10/34, HL-12/30, HL-12/34
  6. BUCKAU WOLF (BW)- SC1100/30, SC 1100/34, SC1350/30
  7. NHEC INDIA- NK 1100/30, NK 1300/30, NK1500/30, NK 1503/30
  8. WIL INDIA- WK 1150/30, WK 1350/30, WK 1500/30, DC 10/34, DC 10/30, DC 1350/30
  9. FCB-KCP- KCP 1000/30, KCP 1100/30, KCP 1100/34, KCP 1350/30, KCP 1350/34
  10. KRUPP- SC 1100/30, SC 1100/34, KC 1100/30T, KC 1350/30T, KC 1500/30T
  11. OTHERS- ZYU- OKK 1350, GUANGXI SU- LIT 1100, LIT 1400, XIANGTANG- IL 1000N, STG- STG 110HG, SWIDNICKA- ACWW 1000/34, SANGERHAUSEN- FKHO 1400C/30, FPI 1321-K-01/34, SALZGITTER- SMAG CC 900/34

Brass/Copper/SS Screens & Liners (Round Hole)- These are used as working screen with lock-lap joints (Batch) and as middle screen liners (Continuous). These screens range from 0.5MM to 0.8MM hole dia in 0.50MM to 0.75MM thickness. Other sizes are available as per requirement. These screens are available as to be fitted to basket (Liners) for Continuous type and with lock-lap joints for Batch Type machines as required.

Centrifugal Screens-Round Centrifugal Screens-Round
Brass Liner Brass Liner
Lock-Lap Joints Lock-Lap Joints

Brass/Copper/SS Screens & Liners (Conical Slot Hole)- These are screens that are normally available as Slot Hole (or Conical Slot) in size as 0.35MM X 4.00 MM in 0.35MM to 0.75MM thickness. Other sizes are available as per requirement. These are used frequently for batch type as working screens or for continuous type as middle screens/liners.

Centrifugal Screens-Slot Centrifugal Screens-Slot
Centrifugal Screens-Slot Centrifugal Screens-Slot

Middle & Backing Screens- SS or Brass Dovex screens are used in accordance with the basket size as a middle screen (Batch) and as a backing screen (Continuous & Batch). The screens are slightly different from normal wire-mesh. The normal sizes are in 2 to 8 Mesh. Plain Wire-mesh is also available (including in selvedges)

Further, there are high quality Tubular Bridge used as a backing screen (Batch) that enhances performance up to 40% and are durable. This screen gives about 30% more filtrate than the wire cloth and are lighter to handle, stronger and provide better filtering action. These are available in 1MM Thickness. The large clearance between the working screen and the basket ensures optimal flow of syrup/molasses.

Dovex Screen Dovex Screen
Brass Screen Brass Screen
Tubular Screen Tubular Screen
Stabbed Liner Stabbed Liner
Cross-Slot Screen Cross-Slot Screen